Studio Policy


Trial is a complimentary tour/consult and coaching assessment up to 30 minutes in length.



Please be on time as the learning space is booked and paid for your scheduled time. If you are late on the day we are unable to reschedule at the last minute.


We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for all cancellations. If sufficient notice is given we will endeavour reschedule the session or credit it to a following week. We allow one reschedule per 5 week block (does not apply to casual lessons). If insufficient notice is given the session is forfeited.


The exception is if you are unexpectedly sick on the day of your session. In this case we will credit the session fee on your next invoice minus the room booking fee (30%). Please understand that this is because we still have to pay the booking fee in your absence. This policy is built on trust and if we deem it being abused we may require a medical certificate.


If you decide to take a break of up to 3 weeks, let us know well in advance (preferably more than a week) and we will hold your spot for you. For periods away of longer than 3 weeks, we can bank your sessions for up to 3 months, but we are unable to hold your timeslot and you may need to book a different time slot upon returning. The exception is during the summer holidays.


Our policy is subject to fair use. If there are repeated extended breaks, we may require that you book casual sessions as an alternative to weekly blocks. Sessions not booked after 3 months from the date of the last lesson are considered forfeited.

In the event that I am unable to attend a session, it will be recheduled at mutually agreeable date or credited to a following week. If you decide to stop sessions at the end of your block, any sessions cancelled by me will be refunded. Please note that sessions are not refundable under any other circumstances.



I recommend that parents and students budget around 120 to 250 dollars a year for piano resources. This may vary according to each individual’s goals and rate of progress. Students who opt for 5 or 10 week session block options also have access to a lending library and various digital education apps. There are also a vast resource of free printable piano music online

Some basic resources needed to start out:

  • An acoustic piano or a digital piano with a minimum of 88 fully weighted keys. Please see the piano buying guide on our website’s blog.

  • A clear A4 display book

  • An exercise book for detailing session notes

  • An iPad is very useful though not compulsory to have